I've been playing about with PowerShell over the last couple of years, but I'm still learning. I'll look to share some scripts I have been working on here.

Web Design

It seems that everyone does this nowadays, I don't do so that often but I enjoy it when I do. I've recently given Cheltenham Hackspace a makeover.


Customise your theme colour for use on Chrome
Shortcut to PowerShell as Admin (Win + X, A)
Run PowerShell as Admin from Command Prompt
PowerShell Blue - #012456


Speaking with SAPI.SpVoice

Creating conversations with SAPI.SpVoice and a simple function

PS Version

The easiest way to see what version of PowerShell you are running and other details about backwards compatibility etc.

Add .PSVersion to the end to narrow it down a little

Playing with $Host.UI.RawUI

Using $Host.UI.RawUI.BufferSize and .WindowSize to resize a PowerShell Console Window

CPU Core Count

How many CPU cores do I have on this machine?

Sample Code

Just testing out how to display some PowerShell with an embedded text editor



Presses buttons on the keyboard

Get-Food -Location "Five Guys" -Type "Cheeseburger" -Toppings *

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